HĀ means “breath of life” in Hawaiian. Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit. The breath brings us to the present. Seeing union in everything brings us peace.


Wolf Kinsmen


Wolf, the founder of HĀ Yoga, has over a decade of experience in yoga & meditation. He has taught and trained all over the world. In addition to his yoga training, he has studied Shamanic practices while in the Amazon of Peru and received the name 'Smiling Wolf' from Don Howard. He completed the Wim Hof Method Advanced Instructor Training. He considers himself a lifelong student of nature! He learns from teaching others. He does this through being himself and giving a genuine experience wherever he happens to be :)

Navjot Kaur


Navjot has over two decades of experience in yoga & meditation. She is a Yoga Teacher with countless hours of teaching experience. In addition, she has completed her Reiki Practitioner Training. Through energy work, she has learned how to heal her body, mind, and spirit. She offers one-on-one coaching and distance sessions. She is fascinated with the body’s unique intelligence and ability to heal through yoga & meditation. She is sharing the gifts of this transformative practice with the world. Navjot is a healer looking to awaken the inner healer in all of us.