Rave Reviews


HĀ Yoga‘s 200hr Meditation & Yoga Teacher Training + Peruvian Shamanic Ceremony. Raked number 2 out of the Top 7 Yoga Teacher Trainings in Peru [2019/2020] 

Jeremy P.

Our retreat with Navjot and Wolf was incredible!  We were so impressed with their down to earth teaching style, knowledge of traditional yoga practices, and most importantly, their loving and welcoming personalities.  Their combination of passion and in depth understanding of yoga and meditation put us at ease and helped us learn a tremendous amount.  We are extremely grateful to them and would highly recommend to others!  

Navpreet D.

Navjot is a wonderful instructor! Her yoga has helped me through my anxiety/depression. I sleep better, function better during the day, and have more energy! Her style of yoga is not intimidating and her warm personality made me feel comfortable. The breath-work at the end of her yoga helped me to get deeper into a meditative state. I recommend her to anybody trying to find peace within. Namaste  

Mason S.

Practicing under these two Yogis is a truly amazing experience! Navjot and Wolf both have astonishing yoga styles that will surely bring prominent strength and a majestic type flow to the table! After working with these two my mind, body and soul woke immensely, once you're done practicing you'll be sure to wonder and say to yourself wow! Is magic truly real. Namaste  

Valerie D.

I hired Wolf to do private yoga sessions at the beach. It was a lovely experience. He seemed very knowledgeable and informative. I definitely recommend him to others. He has a very calming and positive energy that surrounds him. 

Maris G.

Wolf's technique is unique. He focused on breathing techniques.  He is an excellent instructor- very patient & calm.  His price is also reasonable on one-on-one basis.  He is also flexible on scheduling last-minute training & classes. I highly recommend Wolf. 

Nelam P.

This was my first retreat - and I am so glad it was with Navjot and Wolf. They were just great humans to be around and were so authentic in there practice and their presence was welcoming from the start. I didn't know what to expect when I arrived, but they made everything as natural as possible. From practices, to conversations, to the food, everything was exceptional. I will definitely be attending one of their future retreats and more importantly, you should too! 

Zach B.


I’m so grateful for the powerful yoga and breath work practices that Wolf shared with me in his class. Before his class I felt completely depleted of energy and after his class I felt fully charged, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world! He did an excellent job teaching various different asanas and breathing exercises, while also correcting my alignment so that I could get the most out of the class. Another bonus of the class is that he creates a light, playful environment that gets rid of the pressure to be perfect and so I felt like I could find my own unique flow, which was really beneficial to me. I highly recommend his authentic teaching style to those interested in accessing the power of the breath and deepening their yoga practice.